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Anywhere in France, depending on your needs.


A family genealogist operates under the obligation of providing methods, not results. This means the genealogist must do everything possible to respond to the client’s request, but within the limits of available sources and what can be learned from them. Fees must be paid in full regardless of the results of the research, and whether or not it is bears results.

After evaluating your request, you will receive a quote detailing the nature of the services to be performed, the methods involved, the estimated time frame, and the cost. After accepting the quote, signing a contract, and paying an advance of 30% of the total fee, the service will begin. Once the work is completed, you will receive an invoice and a detailed report describing the procedures used, the sources which were consulted, and the results the genealogist obtained together with copies of deeds, photos, and any other materials collected as part of the investigation. 


The base hourly fee is 39 dollars.

For specific requests, such as identifying all ancestors in a particular number of generations or up to a certain era, for example, you may be offered a flat rate based on the sites to be investigated, the means used to do so, and the sources to be consulted. Travel and lodging costs, which will be precisely accounted for in the quote, may be billed to you. Additional fees are invoiced at actual cost (copies, mailings, registrations, etc.).

Please don't hesitate to get in touch about your research and your budget, I will reply quickly with what services are and are not possible.

Not subject to VAT - article 293 B of the CGI

Payment methods

Online via PayPal, in one of more installments.

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  • 521 486 654

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