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Looking to learn more about your French ancestors ? Who they were? Where they lived? How they lived ? What their trades were ? What role they played in French history ? Discover the answers to all these questions and many more by consulting a professional genealogist. No matter where you are in your research, whether you’ve hit a wall or are having trouble, I can surely help you. With a diploma in Genealogy and Family History as well as many years of experience, I can advise you and guide you along the fascinating footsteps of your family history throughout all of France. Fabrice DECHY

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Genealogy in France with stemmatis

All kinds of online or on-site research at municipal, regional department, or national archives, as well as at the military archives, and the national library.

Family history in France with stemmatis
Family history

Studying families in their historic, economic, and social contexts.

Paleography with stemmatis

Transcription and translation of all or part of ancient deeds and documents.

Estate history in France with stemmatis
Estate history

Origins and history of a house or castle, its development, plans, succession of owners.

Heraldry in France with stemmatis

Researching coats of arms, shields, reproduction, creating coats of arms.

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stemmatis editions (books in french)

The Dechy Family in the Middle Ages
The Dechy Family in the Middle Ages

This book summarizes the research undertaken on the origins of the Dechy family. A knighted family from the village of the same name which was its fief, it is first mentioned towards the end of the 11th century. We follow this family for nearly three centuries, as its members take part in the three sectors of feudal society : religion, combat, and labor. Thanks to a meticulous study of available sources, both in the Nord’s department archives and in the municipal archives of Douai, the author lifts this family out of obscurity while also shining new light on the medieval history of the village of Dechy.

15 €

Dechy Family - Genealogy & History
Dechy Family - Genealogy & History

This book explores twelve generations of the genealogy and history of the Dechy family, who lived in the Sensée valley in the regional department of Nord between the 16th and 19th centuries.

19 €

Féchain (Nord) - Archival Extracts
Féchain (Nord) - Archival Extracts

Although the parish records of the township of Féchain in the department of Nord go no further than 1737, other sources can be used to continue our genealogic studies and paint a clearer picture of our ancestors’ lives. This publication offers several records to that end: tithe payments (1645 and 1647), land rents (1603), an inventory of contracts from Nicolas HAL, a notary in Féchain (1669-1699), the notary's minutes (1669-1692), a list of people convicted of witchcraft (1615), local office taxes in Hem-Lenglet concerning property located in Féchain (1545-1698), extracts from fief records and counts (15th - 17th centuries).

17 €


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